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Your trusted source for exquisite smoked seafood!

At Aquafresh, we take immense pride in our legacy of providing the finest smoked seafood to seafood enthusiasts for over two decades. Under the dynamic leadership of Jonathan McPherson, our company has embarked on an exciting journey of growth and innovation, elevating the Aquafresh experience to new heights.

Jonathan McPherson's profound expertise in the seafood industry has been honed through a lifetime immersed in the world of seafood. Having been with Talley’s Group and Lee Fish, where he spearheaded retail development and extended Lee’s fresh fish with frozen products across Asia, he brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to Aquafresh.

The acquisition of Aquafresh in the midst of a pandemic was a bold move, but one that Jon and his dedicated team wholeheartedly embraced. Armed with determination and a commitment to excellence, they persevered through challenges, preserving Aquafresh's unparalleled reputation for top-quality smoked mussels, which have been the number one brand in New Zealand for over two decades.

Inheriting a seasoned workforce, McPherson faced the inevitable loss of some valued employees to retirement, including the master smoker with 24 years of experience. However, Aquafresh's allure and McPherson's leadership have attracted new talent, resulting in a vibrant team that now stands at 12 full-time and four part-time staff members.

Under McPherson's guidance, Aquafresh has undergone a transformation, modernizing its operations with state-of-the-art computer systems, enhanced ordering and inventory processes, and upgraded equipment, including new forklifts. The packaging has been refreshed with a more contemporary look, preserving the esteemed Aquafresh name while embracing a modern edge.

Beyond smoked seafood, Aquafresh boasts a wide array of offerings, including its role as a Licenced Fish Receiver (LFR) and contract packing services for exporters. Additionally, the company assists fishers who prefer a direct connection with restaurants, facilitating packaging, courier arrangements, and ice supply through the LFR service.

Looking ahead, McPherson envisions expanding the flavor profiles of Aquafresh's smoked fish, catering to diverse tastes with options like Cajun seasoning. With 80 product lines currently available, Aquafresh has also embarked on a new chapter by exporting its smoked products to various retail outlets in Australia.

But it doesn't stop there. McPherson is committed to sustainability and waste reduction, ensuring that every part of the fish is utilized. The company's popular burley bombs, in high demand among recreational fishers, embody this philosophy, redirecting waste back into the food chain and contributing to a healthier environment.

At Aquafresh, we cherish our heritage while embracing the future with open arms. With a deep-rooted passion for seafood and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we continue to be your go-to destination for delectable smoked seafood. Join us on this exciting journey as we elevate the art of smoked seafood to unparalleled heights.

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